Dr. Luther

Michael Luther, Ph.D. Psychologist

Learning Disability, Depression, Anxiety,

Underachievement, Careers.


Dr. Michael Luther, Psychologist

Education and Career Consultant


Dr. Luther provides assessment and treatment for adults, teenagers, and children with a wide variety of learning, emotional, behavioural issues, and life adjustment difficulties.

These include:                      Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Learning Disability/Retardation/Gifted


Career planning/testing

Anger Management

Asperger’s Syndrome skills training


Learning Communications skills, Intelligence, Career Interest Training, Academic

Testing, and Self-Esteem raising

Dr. Luther is interested in the treatment of underachievement, depression, social skills, and low intelligence.  He does career testing and counselling too.


Dr. Luther is a psychologist and educational consultant, career planner and psychotherapist.  His doctorate is in Developmental and Experimental Psychology (from York University).  He also has a Masters of Arts in Experimental Psychology from York University.  Dr. Luther trained in the CAMH Psychiatric Hospital (Queen Street) in Toronto and worked in schools in both Israel and in Toronto.  He has published 4 textbooks in the fields of Educational and Abnormal Psychology, and has taught both Psychology and Education for 26 years at York University.  He has done vocational/career testing for Rehabilitation Network Canada for over 10 years now.  Dr. Luther is a Supervising Psychologist at Sunnybrook Hospital’s (NICU) Follow-up clinic for low birthweight prems (for 20 years).  He was a school psychologist for 23 years in Toronto.


Dr. Luther uses Brief (Narrative) Therapy and C.B.T. (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).  He utilizes the Feuerstein (I.E.) Method for cognitive training (i.e., raising IQ/intelligence):  while on sabbatical, he learned IE at a Canadian clinic in Jerusalem, Israel.


Fee schedule is available on request.  Requested Reports and letters are billed/invoiced for on an hourly basis.  Half-hour sessions are available for counselling too.


Dr. Michael Luther, Psychologist and Educational/Career Consultant

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